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Health & Safety
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General policy with regard to health and safety
A true philosophy of health and safety at work looks beyond the set of rules and regulations codified into statements of statutory obligations.

The development and implementation of a health and safety policy not only leads to a safe working environment but also serves as a useful management tool. Regular reviews of safety procedures and practices can lead to better and more efficient ways of working, leading to efficiencies and productivity gains. Attitude to health and safety is only one manifestation of any individual company’s ethics and operational philosophy.

Specifically, the Company undertakes to:

  • Provide a safe workplace for all employees, free from unnecessary risk or hazard and ensuring that the work is in accordance with statutory requirements.
  • Provide competent safety training to all Site Staff.
  • Provide the necessary protective clothing and apparatus maintained and inspected in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Provide up-to-date publications and information sources from respected and reputable sources discussed and issued during safety meetings.
  • Take into account any employee’s disability, illness, incapacity or infirmity - whether temporary or permanent - when requesting or allocating work tasks.
  • Maintain all vehicles, plant, tools and machinery in good and safe working condition.

Whilst the Company will do it’s utmost to pursue these stated aims, employees, sub-contractors, visitors or other relevant parties are expected to respect and follow both the letter and spirit of this policy. It is only by co-operation and communication throughout the whole organization that the Company is able to create and maintain a safe working environment and fully implement the policies and philosophy embodied in this document.

The Company has attempted to give a comprehensive account of areas covered by its activities. Any omissions (or errors) brought to the Company’s attention will be considered for inclusion (or amendment) in subsequent policy updates. Except insofar as the law provides otherwise, the Company reserves the right to alter the terms or application of the contents of this document as they may pertain to individual circumstances.

Further sections of our main Health and Safety Policy emphasize Ducron’s commitment to recognizing, in the widest possible sense, the health of our employees.

Employee Declaration Schedule
To maximize our employee’s awareness of Ducron’s commitment - and to highlight their own responsibilities - every employee receives a copy of the current H&S Policy for which they are given time to read within our office environment and to raise any queries they may have. And after that time, and as part of their employment terms, they must sign the Policy, a copy of which is filed on their personnel records.

Our recent On Site Verify Assessment maintained its very high standard set last year. 

MSE Assessment
Health and Safety 99%
Environment 92%
Quality 93%
CSR 100%

Onsite Assessment
Health & Safety 100%
Environment 100%
Quality 100%
CSR 100%

A big thank you goes out to all our team whose consistent input and adherence to our polices help to maintain these levels of performance.

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