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Air-Vacuum Excavation ......."The Safer Option"

Ducron Construction Ltd have invested in a new Air Vacuum Excavator designed with an integral air compressor unit and variable power water jetting system. This self contained unit is fitted permanently to the body of a Euro 4, 7.5t truck. The vehicle also carries diamond coring equipment with the capability to core up to 400mm diameter. Furthermore, cable avoidance equipment in the form of either a RIGID SR-20 Line Locator or a CAT 3+ is carried at all times. Ducron see this vehicle as an all in one solution for safer trench excavation in the vicinity of high risk services, or to specifically locate and identify services.                  

  • Underground utility locating
  • Operate up to 200 feet away from the vehicle   
  • Safe trenching methods in areas of high risk  
  • Excavation for cathodic protection installation 
  • Gas or water line service terminations or installations 
  • Manhole and valve box cleaning/maintenance
  • Environmental deep-soil sampling 
  • Air is faster in most soils, averaging 10 minutes per pothole (based upon 300mm x 300mm x 1200mm in most soils)
  • With air, spoils stay dry for backfilling, eliminating mud disposal problems 
  • Air is much safer (for the operator and the utilities) 
  • Air won′t damage the road-base (DOT friendly) 
  • Significantly reduce the risk of damage claims
  • Substantially lower the risk of physical injury to the operator.
  • Air won′t damage the utilities you′re trying to expose.
  • Reuse the excavated spoils stored with the tank and deposit back into the exposed opening, aiding your site recycling and waste policy
  • allows air to be used 95% of the time with water available if required
  • All staff operating the plant are trained as National Grid Competent Persons, BESC & HSG47 and are fully trained to operate the vacuum excavating system.





Another benefit to this particular system is the 45 gallon drum top interceptor

This will allow the vacuum excavator to deposit specific items of waste straight into a 45 gallon drum to be sealed ready for off site disposal, we feel this item of equipment is particularly useful for pockets of contaminated spoil or oil contaminated stones.

 In the mean time please email us for further information relating to this new service.



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